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We are a small family owned, operated and built company.  Our desire is to help you live the LIFE you want by going tiny. 




Maegan and Jesse are such an incredible team! The quality of their work speaks volumes. Unique, beautifully built and well thought out. There aren’t any tiny homes like theirs on the market! Not to mention just how kind they are! What a joy it was to purchase my beautiful home from them. They went above and beyond and I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work and care they put into building my home!!!

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LifESCAPE Builders is a family-owned and -operated construction company knowledgeable in the nuances of Temecula construction. The firm specializes in tiny homes and operates with a hands-on approach, allowing strict attention to detail and comprehensive project management. This gives the firm its favorable reputation of being a neighborhood home builder.

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