Do you guys have a unit I can tour?

Yes. We always have at least 1 unit available to tour, Even Steven.  Please schedule a tour by clicking HERE.


How much does a tiny house cost? 

We have homes starting as low as $68K.  


What size are your homes? 

Our smallest unit is 20’ up to 36’ long, 8.5’ and 10’ wide are standard options. 


Do I need to register my Moveable Tiny Home(MTH)? 

Yes.  We will handle all the DMV paperwork for you in house at the point of sale.  This allows the MTH to leave our facility with a temporary license plate and registration in hand.  Your plates will be mailed to you directly from the DMV.  Don’t worry you don’t need to go to the DMV, we have you covered.  


Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Yes, if the MTH is staying in the State of California.  Sales tax will apply according to the location of the transactions.  If that location is our shop, the tax rate is 7.75%.

If you are registering the home out of state, proof must be provided of transport outside the state for tax exemption. 


Do I need Insurance?  

Yes.  You need to insure your investment.  This is required if you have a loan but highly recommended even if you are paying cash. 


How long does it take to build? 

Typically your build will take 6 months from signing of contract to delivery.  This can change according to our build schedule and how quickly you make decisions.


What do I need for Utilities?

Electrical:  50A/240V RV outlet 

Water: Garden Hose / ¾” Supply hard pipe

Sewer / Septic: 3” ABS line or RV Quick Connect to sewer or septic. Other options include holding tanks placed under the home and hiring a service to come pump them regularly. 



Can I change things on the design of the Tiny House? 

Yes, we allow you to make small changes without charge but if you want to move windows or other structural components there is a charge of $5k for semi custom.  Full custom is a $10K adder which allows you to pick every detail of the build.  


Do you build shells only? 

Yes, we can build our models or a custom layout.  We can rough in electrical and plumbing or you can do it yourself. 


Do I have to have a bathtub? 

No, you can switch out any 5’ bathtub for a 5’ or 4’ shower. 


What appliances are included?

We always include your fridge, cooking surface, mini split(heating and cooling), and tankless water heater. Washer and Dryers can be added to most units. 


What insulation do you use?

We use R13 in walls and trailer foundation, R19 in the ceiling.  You can also upgrade to Rockwool or spray foam. 


Do you offer Solar?

Yes we offer solar and battery options, these are sized according to your home.  Typically a full off grid solar system will cost $10K to $20K.


Do you convert Shipping Containers, school buses, etc?

We will convert a shipping container however cost is not always prohibitive.  We do not convert anything with an engine.


Placement and Transpoirtation


Where can I place a Moveable Tiny Home (MTH)? 

Our homes are all ANSI 119.5 certified and can be placed anywhere an RV or Park Model can be placed, such as an RV park or your side yard.  These units can also be used as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in many cities and countries across the USA.   Some local jurisdictions are the city of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside.  San Diego County is working now to write an ordinance to allow tiny homes on wheels as well. 

Check out https://tinyhomeindustryassociation.org/ and join to stay in the loop. Not all units can be occupied for fulltime living in all locations.  


Most jurisdictions do not allow a MTH to be placed on land alone, but must have a main dwelling.  Please consult your local building department for rules and regulations. 


Do you offer transportation? 

Yes, at an additional cost. We have multiple partners we work with to deliver your home to just about anywhere.  Depending on the size of the home and placement we will recommend or contract a driver for you. 


What if I can’t get my tiny house into my backyard? 

You would be very surprised what a good driver can do.  We can also partner with a crane company to get the unit moved into the backyard 

Do you set up the tiny house for us? 

In local areas we will offer leveling and hookup services at additional charge. We recommend using a local contractor to set up the site prep.  We are happy to give them specifics of what is needed. 


Do I need a concrete pad for the foundation? 

We recommend this method but it is not required.  Other options will suffice (gravel, decomposed granite, pavers and blocks) but will require more maintenance to keep home level.


Do you offer financing? 

Yes –  21st mortgage.  You must be prequalified with 21st mortgage and are required to have a down of 20-30% depending on build.  Example: $20K down on a home costing $100K.  


Other lending options include getting an equity line of credit, home equity line of credit, equity loan, or cash option-refinance. 


Certification / Warranty

Are your homes ANSI Certified? 

Yes we are third party certified by Pacific West Tiny Homes. ANSI 119.5 for Park Models and NFPA 1192 for RV Certification. Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is a subsidiary of Pacific West Associates, Inc. which is an accredited third party agency that has been recognized in the industry for over 30 years. PWA is composed of licensed electrical, mechanical, structural and forensic engineers. PWA evaluation and certification staff meet the requirements of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) E699-16, which​ is for agencies involved in testing, quality assurance, and evaluating manufactured building components.


What licenses do you hold?

Contractors State License Board #1027854

Department of Motor Vehicles Manufacturers License #05953

Department of Motor Vehicles Dealers License # 07643


What is your standard warranty?

All units come with a 1 year fit and finish warranty.  A 10 year structural warranty can be added.  For appliance warranty see manufacturer. 

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